Eita Resources Berhad (Business Segment)

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Eita group operates in three segments:


*FY2013 trailing 4 quarters as a result of change in financial year end

^FY2016 consists only 3 quarters results announced till date

For the 5 years revenue breakdown, we can observe that there is a shift of revenue contributors in the group. Since FY 2013, the design & manufacturing segment has become the largest revenue source for the company due to their in-house brand recognition in the market. Also, the secure of MRT1 project allows their elevator segment to grow rapidly in FY2016. On the other hand, the group is also focusing on the service segment, providing them the recurring income to overcome the cyclical nature of property development business (this affects the contract of elevator system).


*FY2013 trailing 4 quarters as a result of change in financial year end

^FY2016 consists only 3 quarters results announced till date

EITA’s profit before tax has been on an uptrend since FY 2012

The profit before tax for design & manufacturing is more volatile due to the foreign exchange difference. Their materials are mainly imported and hence they need a currency hedging contract. The change in FOREX rate in each quarter will cause unrealised and realised FOREX gain/loss.

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Eita Resources Berhad (Summary)


EITA is an investment holding company based in Malaysia. It operates in three segments: Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution and Services. Eita Resources Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia on 19 August 1996 as a private limited company under the name of Pacific Astro Sdn Bhd. The company changed its name to EITA Resources Sdn Bhd on 9 October 2009 and converted into a public limited company on 11 January 2010.

Segments details:

Manufacturing Segment (58%)

  • Elevator System

EITA’s contract from MRT 1 is projected to finish by 1Q2017. The chance of getting the MRT2 project increases if EITA is able to complete the MRT1 project on time and without any error.

  • Busduct System
  • Other E&E products

Marketing and Distribution segment (32%)

  • Power distribution equipment

Acquisition of TCSB allows EITA to venture into high voltage power distribution system. This enables EITA to bid the contracts from TNB to set up the ~500kV power distribution and transmission system.

  • Control equipment
  • Network and security system equipment
  • Other E&E components

Services (10%)

  • Maintenance of elevator systems
  • Electrical and security system solutions

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